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How to disable automatic lift gate, rear view approach lights, and beeping on Subaru Outback 2016

The Subaru Outback 2016 is a wonderful vehicle. Lets collaborate on additional mood enhancement functionality.

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Mood Impact

Issues listed on the homepage are known to annoy neighbors in dark skies and quiet campouts, increase operator stress, and shorten owner's expected lifespan.

Prior Discussion


Goal: Disable all beeps and chirps, with priority on beeps during stationary operation (e.g. manual liftgate operation; driver-side door open while radio in use)

Lift gate


Drivers-side Door Chime

Locking and Unlocking



Goal: Disable lighting during stationary operation, with priority on rear-view mirror approach lights.

  • SubaruOutback.org: Side Mirror Lights won't turn off when hatch is open - "20 minutes" ; "My husband is in the backcountry ... can't keep the hatch open or the side ... annoying him and other trekkers camped near by; he wants the hatch open to access stuff in the vehicle and organize his sleeping space ... That's a major fail for a backcountry vehicle."

Power Liftgate

Goal: Find or develop an approach to completely remove and replace power liftgate feature with one that allows manual, silent, dark-sky friendly operation.

Touchscreen Display

Goal: Overlay or replace existing touchscreen display with tactile alternatives. Disable and remove touchscreen if possible while retaining full vehicle maintenance and operation functionality.

Solution Options

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Posted to /r/subaru/disabling_beeps_and_lights_for_backcountry

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